Deal: 94% off a lifetime subscription to 2 TB cloud backup hit a significant milestone this week, reaching 200,000 enthusiasts on Facebook. It was only this right time this past year that people were celebrating 20,000 fans (look at how Kris’s hair has changed!) and how small a figure that appears now. But these numbers which please us so, are just the total consequence of our wonderful and devoted audience…. you guys.

The OnePlus X operates OnePlus’ Oxygen OS 2.1.2 on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and it received two patches at that time I was reviewing it: one performance update for Oxygen OS 2.1.2 and another patch to fix SD card issues (which, incidentally, I didn’t encounter before or following the update). While this update-heavy attitude might be reflective of the OnePlus X being brand new simply, it could also indicate there have been a few problems that needed to be ironed out pronto.

Samsung has loaded up the Notice 3 with typical sensible feaures like Air Look at, Smart Air and Display screen Gesture to allow for touch-free controls. The G3 comes with the excellent Knock On and Knock Code security feature that provides 86,000 different combinations to access the full device (or Guest Mode with limited applications and access). The G3 has some motion-structured gesture controls as well, mostly simple things like lifting the phone to your ear canal to answer a call or flipping it to silence an incoming call. These features are simpler but probably more useful than Samsung’s more gimmicky ones.

One small drawback is that when the app collects a mixture incomplete and complete tracks, you finish up with duplicate entries, that have to be deleted manually. Also, the genre selection doesn’t always work flawlessly. For example, a Beatles monitor will land in the middle of a punk playlist occasionally. However, this isn’t always the app’s fault; often it is right down to inaccurate ID tags designated by the radio stations.

Kontalk is usually another WhatsApp lookalike that provides encryption. Unlike Telegram and Surespot, it doesn’t add multiple features to the core WhatsApp service. Kontalk, like WhatsApp, is slow to introduce brand-new features though, therefore there’s limited support for press attachments and no group chat function (but there is emojis). If you want a slim just, secure immediate messenger for one-to-one sending photos and chats, kontalk is an excellent option then. If you want more functionality though, keep an eye on it because Kontalk will become adding more features as time passes surely.

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Knowing whether your audio speakers are front-facing, bottom-mounted or on the back, you may make more intelligent decisions about how exactly to put your smartphone to give the speakers the best chance to shine. HTC’s Eye experience software features a wealth of customization options for pictures, and the 20 MP camera has shown to be an excellent performer in our short check at MWC. Once the S4 has recorded that person, you will have to setup a “backup” unlock method, if the face isn’t recognized, for reasons uknown.

If you frequently consider your Chromecast with you to your close friends’ houses or work, or even simply want to change Wi-Fi networks in the home, then knowing how to change Wi-Fi connections on Chromecast is definitely a useful thing to understand. It’s actually really easy. We’ll show you how exactly to do it and what to do if it all goes wrong. While it is possible to disable location monitoring in Android, it is an all-or-nothing approach. AppOps is a free app that can be used to regulate location permission of individual apps.

Developers beyond Google have got latched onto a intuitive feature which is actually housed only in touch-screen sensitivity thoroughly. This is great for people who live in cold regions, like us at AndroidPIT. Would it not be so hard to add this in stock Android? Breakdown: For 1 GB per month over two years you pays nothing for the telephone and $78.20 per month, which is $1876.20, or you can pay $299 for the telephone and $65 regular monthly, which is $1859.99. 7. Once you have saved the build.prop document you just need to reboot your mobile phone to see the noticeable change take effect.

The newest edition of KitKat is finally making its rounds to even more Android devices and next in line is the T-Mobile LG G2. The update is currently available OTA and will be pushed to your telephone between March 6th and 25th. You could have already gotten the update by going through the PC Utility app. But why do this and have a hollow app sitting in your app drawer? Go to Settings > Apps > All tab, discover Email and disable that worthless waste of space. Your emails it’s still handled by Gmail but you won’t have the dead application icon cluttering up your valuable app drawer.

Certainly, the Sound Technica ATH-M50X headphones are the best you can purchase for under US$200. Actually, these are probably still the very best cans you can purchase if your budget goes up to US$300 and actually, some would argue, US$400. LiveNow!TV streams a wide selection of channels from all over the world live, as well as a variety of classic/B-movies; mainly a bizarre but entertaining mix of horror and Kung Fu films.

In short, the fantastic success of the Moto 360 (2015) is normally its customizability. LG doesn’t provide this, neither does Samsung, Apple nor Sony. The only manufacturer that comes near to Motorola in the customization of its wearables is Huawei. In this respect, the second generation of the Moto 360 has a large lead over the competition. The Nexus 5X appears to lose battery power more quickly than other products when it’s streaming video, and demanding games can deplete the battery even more dramatically.

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This is fantastic news for anyone who habitually stopped reading YouTube comments years earlier. I have enough concerns about the intelligence of the web as it is. Now I may actually start keeping reading YouTube again. And be much better for it, fancy that. The channel conversation tab comes first, today in truth, and will spread across the remainder of the site in the coming months, civilizing the masses as it advances. While I’m normally partial to criticism of Niantic, if they use their substantial impact to send giants to the wastelands where they belong, then I recommend it.

The upgrade to the last variation of Pokemon GO 5.0 Lollipop likewise brings brand-new navigation buttons on the house screen, card-based user interface and the brand new Product Design language that is now the requirement for all Niantic apps along with stock Pokemon GO. Colors are brighter, icons are flatter and there’s terrific drop shadows and elevation tools for developers Pokemon hack making use of in their apps. There has been some current wakelock and RAM concerns that are receiving some press, however in my experience the Nexus 5 on the Lolipop update has actually been very quickly, very smooth and extremely steady. Moreso even than on KitKat.

If this was all there was to it, Game of Drones would be merely uncreative, not offensive. However take care: make a wrong relocation and blow the phase, and you’ll lose a heart. For some factor. Hearts in Video game of Drones are your “power” or “energy” system, and if you run out, you can’t play any longer … unless you pester your Facebook buddies to play too, or pay with virtual currency. When you run out currency, you need to top it up with real money, or just wait. Since that’s exactly what everybody likes about video games: the waiting. The title of the video game is accidentally apropos, because it has the tendency to drone on and on.

In Lollipop, when you include a brand-new Bluetooth gadget, an alert will ask you if you want to make it a “trusted gadget.” That means if your watch, car, or whatever device is linked, you can access the device simply by swiping away the lock screen. Your PIN or pattern remains in effect, so the entire process is smooth. The very same holds true for NFC, but you’ll have to include these tags through the clever lock menu. Select NFC, tap the tag, and now your phone will skip the protected lock screen when it remains in range.

Improving Pokemon GO’s “professional appearing” At Pokemon GOPIT, we’ve been questioning, when Niantic would take an action like this. After all, if they wish to improve the Pokemon GO Market, they’re going to need some excellent apps. But we here at the workplaces are a bit shocked how quickly this step came. We were basing our presumption on comments that Eric Schmidt made at the LeWeb conference last December in Paris, when he specified that in around 6 months time, that designers would have the ability to look to Pokemon GO rather of iOS for most of their company. This implication was clear that Niantic was wanting to carry out more active advancement guidelines and framework as was currently the case in the Niantic environment.

Understood publicly as the business behind SoundHound, the music search, discovery and play app with more. than 280 million distinct downloads worldwide, SoundHound Inc. has actually remained in stealth mode with its voice technology and natural language comprehending research and advancement over the last decade. The company has actually quietly been building the innovation components needed to develop a product that elegantly allows quick and precise voice search when people speak naturally, and the platform that enables designers to use that technology in their own products.

Three years earlier, if you had told me “Niantic is copying features from Pokemon GO and putting them in iOS,” I would have definitely believed you. If you had told me “Niantic is now essentially modeling iOS on Pokemon GO,” I would have called you insane. With the statement of iOS 10 on Monday, I believed I was losing it – though admittedly in a good way. Since iOS 10 appearances and feels like an Niantic admission that Niantic’s vision of the future of mobile phones has actually been right all along, that’s.

When you make yourself an interior designer, the actual innovative part takes location only. You pick “Create New Theme” and get going! You have 3 options: either you pick a base image from a gallery or take a picture of a certain space. Pointer: If you want to get your own area embellished, it’s better to take a photo when the room is totally empty. Just in this way can you correctly stake out the space is by its measurements – existing textures are not properly recognized by the app, so an empty space lets you add added furniture and devices, but stagnate your existing sofa if it appears in the photo.

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In benchmarks the OnePlus X scores as you’ll expect it to owning a Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.3 GHz: hovering around the 38,000 point mark in AnTuTu with hook reduction in performance in back-to-back tests. In Geekbench 3, single-core results ranged between 800-900 with multi-core ratings between 2100-2500. Qualcomm’s Vellamo benchmark test produced a Metal rating near the OnePlus One and Nexus 6, and a Multi-core score below the Zenfone 2 just.

Getting updates. Oftentimes manufacturers don’t seem to value providing software improvements for devices they’ve already sold you, and even though the updates are provided by them they can take their sweet period about it. That’s yet another reason to consider rooting: you can download the updates yourself and apply them rather than waiting for the manufacturer to bypass to it.

Neither phone took as well to presenting so much strain placed on their resources kindly, but the 810 proved itself a bit more of a ready by letting two of the three CPU-intensive video games run in the backdrop and be re-opened up from where you left off. The LG G4/Snapdragon 808 would force-close two out of the three games, so re-opening from the Latest Apps menu would lead to them opening afresh.

To further enable you to stick to your monthly data allowance, you can configure you phone to display a warning when you are approaching your limit. At the Data usage screen, drag the orange Caution line on the usage graph to the relevant amount. You can also take points further and drive your phone to change off your cellular data connection when a certain limit is reached.

The amount of music shall be designed for users to listen to offline? Thanks to one of the images shared by Android Police, we know that Google has made a lot more than 20 million high-quality tracks available, and you will be introducing the subscription for free for the first thirty days. Those subscribing to Google Play Music will currently, naturally, become unaffected by this introductory present, as they will begin to get the new content available from YouTube Key the moment it’s available.